Rifling through sweaters in India's first Gap store in a glitzy New Delhi mall, 21-year-old Ridhi Goel says her grandmother doesn't mind how she dresses, as long as it's not too revealing.

"She's fine with me wearing Western clothes like a shirt but not jeans and a crop top," said the journalism student, her grey leggings contrasting sharply with her mother's colourful kurta.

"All my family wears Indian clothes, but I find them too uncomfortable. I think maybe there is a generational divide." Most women in India still wear traditional dress such as saris or shalwar kameez -- but the picture is changing, and on city streets, dazzling silks mingle with logoed T-shirts and jeans.


In Indian fashion, ‘grey’ now sells

They don’t want to be called minimalists. They don’t reflect India’s youth culture, they insist. It is not even a deliberate rebellion against embroidery and surface decoration. All the same, a noticeable and growing group of designers now confidently creates clothing that was alien to our local aesthetic: bare, simple, pared down, easy to get into, unembellished, without a stitch of embroidery or beading, dominated by a greige (grey and beige) palette and muddy browns, charcoal, ecru, dull purples and greens, indigo and muted mustards. Whites and blacks too.

Their fabrics are natural and textured. There is emphasis on linen, handlooms, Khadi, cotton and some knits or blended silks. These designers work with yarn-created patterns and dyeing or printing techniques such as Bandhani, Shibori, clamp-resist and ombré.


This festive season, dress fashionable

City's fashionable ladies are leaving no stone unturned to look their glamorous best this festive season. We speak to city residents and experts to find out more.

Fashion means different things to different people. It is a self-expression that allows people to try on many roles in life. Fashion is not only defined by the latest clothes, but it has great social importance as well. Fashion is a kind of visual communication about the way we perceive our surroundings and personalities through our style of clothes. Fashion is a way of celebrating the diversity of the world in which we live. Fashion design is a form of art that helps create clothes and other lifestyle accessories.


Indian Summer Tempers Buyers at Fashion Market Northern California

Buyers were literally taking the temperature outside to see how much merchandise they needed as they visited the three-day Fashion Market Northern California show to browse Spring 2016 fashions.

Many specialty-store retailers walking the aisles inside the San Mateo Event Center were hesitant to go all out for Spring merchandise because the unusually warm weather in Northern California has kept shoppers away from stocking up on Fall merchandise. Slow Fall sales affect Spring purchases down the road.

“In Northern California, we still had Indian summer. The weather here has been hot. In San Francisco, people were walking around without jackets. A lot of inventory is not moving,” said Jacqueline Stone, a Fairfax, Calif.–based representative for Mycra Pac, Escape From Paris, Italca scarves and Pantropic Hats.


Man in vogue: The fashion-conscious Indian man is no longer a myth

For Mudit Singhania (30), a financial service executive, shopping for office wear, especially shirts, has always been a bit of a nightmare. He would never find the right size in ready-to-wear sections at the mall. “I am 6”1, and thin. I used to buy XL-sized shirts so that the sleeves would fit, but then the shirts would hang loose on my body,” he recounts.

Over the last year or so, however, he has ditched the mall visit completely and started shopping for custom-fit shirts from online portals like Vitruvien and Bombay Shirt Company. Not only did he find the fit better, he also had more options in terms of fabric, collars and cuffs. “It’s convenient, faster and cost-effective,” he says.




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