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Dhotis - India's Elegant Traditional Menswear



Dhotis are amongst the most popular traditional clothes for guys in India. While it prevails for men in rural areas to use a dhoti, even city males tend to sport the clothes on special celebrations such as festivals and wedding events.


While in the earlier times dhotis were rather easy - simply one plain cloth wrapped around the waist, these days they are more sophisticated and are offered in a large range of styles and designs. They have made the dhoti smart and trendy attire that males can flaunt with aplomb. You can find best indian fashion at strandofsilk.com .


If you are preparing to use a dhoti, there are particular things to bear in mind. Unlike most menswear, dhotis do not have pockets for you to keep your wallet, keys etc. You can still keep these items by rolling a part of the dhoti at the waistline. Take care when you are walking or climbing steps using a dhoti.


You might step on your dhoti and drop or worse, trigger it to loosen. Make sure to protect the dhoti well at the waist so that you can walk around comfortably without the worry of it coming off. Also, enhance the laps around the waist so that the dhoti does not reveal much skin on a windy day.


Dhotis are worn in different styles in various parts of the nation. This is especially obvious in the method men spruce up throughout the different celebrations such as Pongal, Durga Puja, Sankrant, Navratri and so on. Guy wears the dhoti in a design that is belonging to the area they come from.


Dhotis are paired with kurtas, angavastram as well as shirts according to the choice of the user and the native design. A few of the various kinds of dhotis that are available are Cotton Dhoti, Silk Dhoti, Silk Cotton Dhoti, Art Silk Dhoti, and so on. Dhotis are offered in a vast array of colors too. While earlier dhotis were generally white in color, these days there are several attractive hues to pick from. They are not limited to simply developed men; these are available for males of all age groups. Even small kids are seen using the outfit on joyful events.



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